Husted's Farm Market & Cider Mill
 We grow peaches, Honeycrisp apples, and u-pick sweet cherries.  Your place for fresh Michigan grown fruits and vegetables.
9191 West Main Street ** Kalamazoo, MI 49009 ** 269-372-1237













Husted's Farm market sells Michigan grown strawberries, raspberries, peaches, u-pick sweet, tart cherries, and apples ,,  are links to other local u-pick operations. 
Check us out on for seasonal specials.  We grow HONEYCRISP APPLES, harvesting begins September 10

    current flavors are apple-blackraspberry,apple-red-raspberry,apple-cherry,Honeycrisp apple
Cortland apple,Fugi apple, Jonathon apple, Red Delicious apple, Golden Delicious apple, Mutsu apple, Melrose apple, and Jonagold apple 

 apple cider special 5 gallons or more $5.00 gallon  no presevatives great for making hard cider

Husteds Farm Market 
Glenn and Scott Husted cider makers for over 50 years make unpasturized cider starting around September 15 discounts for homebrewers hardcider makers on 5 gal or more and links to other
local hardcider producers and 

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