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We grow 24 kinds of apples starting with Paula Reds which ripen the 15th of August.  Other varieties
are listed in order of ripening.  U-PICK apples are in full swing at our farm right now! 

 Apple Type
(in order of ripening)
Paula Red 8-14
zestar       8-14
early tart - great for sauce
 McIntosh 9-1

mildly tart, juicy, tender - good to eat or cook
 Gala  9-1 firm, sweet, juicy - great to eat
 Honeycrisp 9-1 new apple, firm, tart and very juicy 
 Ozaek Gold 9-1 firm, juicy - early golden delicious
 Jonathon 9-10 mildly tart, rich flavor - great to eat or cook
 Golden  Supreme
sweet, tender, juicy - great for snacks & salads
 Cortland 9-15 slightly tart, tender with snow-white flesh
 Empire  9-15
fortune   9-15
juicy, aromatic and crisp - great for snacks & salads 
Ida Red 10-1
golden delicious
firm, tart and juicy - excellent for baking, a good keeper
 Mutsu   10-1 sweet-tart, crisp - keeps well, excellent all purpose apple
 Spy      10-1 grandma's favorite for pie "spies are for pies"
 Red Delicious
sweet and tender - excellent for snacks & salads
 Melrose 10-1 sweet and firm - great to eat
 Rome    10-1 mild slightly tart and firm - good for all cooking needs
 Fuji       11-1 firm and sweet, keeps well - great to eat
 Breaburn 11-1 sweet tart - great to eat
 Granny Smith
hard and tart - good for pies
The Honeycrisp has become our customer favorite. We start to pick in mid-September and then we pick it three more times as the fruit ripens.

There is usually a limited supply of Honeycrisp so stop out as soon as they are ready.  SweeTangos now available

For fall fun, come and enjoy the experience of U-Pick Apples. We also have donuts, pies, caramel apples and cider.
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