Husted's Farm Market & Cider Mill
 We grow peaches, Honeycrisp apples, and u-pick sweet cherries.  Your place for fresh Michigan grown fruits and vegetables.
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Husted's Farm market sells Michigan grown strawberries, raspberries, peaches, u-pick sweet, tart cherries, and apples ,,  are links to other local u-pick operations. 
Check us out on for seasonal specials.  We grow HONEYCRISP APPLES, harvesting begins September 10

We grow 24 kinds of apples starting with Paula Reds which ripen the 15th of August.  Other varieties
are listed in order of ripening.  U-PICK apples start around September 1st. 

 Apple Type
(in order of ripening)
Paula Red 8-14
zestar       8-14
early tart - great for sauce
 McIntosh 9-1

mildly tart, juicy, tender - good to eat or cook
 Gala  9-1 firm, sweet, juicy - great to eat
 Honeycrisp 9-1 new apple, firm, tart and very juicy 
 Ozaek Gold 9-1 firm, juicy - early golden delicious
 Jonathon 9-10 mildly tart, rich flavor - great to eat or cook
 Golden  Supreme
sweet, tender, juicy - great for snacks & salads
 Cortland 9-15 slightly tart, tender with snow-white flesh
 Empire  9-15
fortune   9-15
juicy, aromatic and crisp - great for snacks & salads 
Ida Red 10-1
golden delicious
firm, tart and juicy - excellent for baking, a good keeper
 Mutsu   10-1 sweet-tart, crisp - keeps well, excellent all purpose apple
 Spy      10-1 grandma's favorite for pie "spies are for pies"
 Red Delicious
sweet and tender - excellent for snacks & salads
 Melrose 10-1 sweet and firm - great to eat
 Rome    10-1 mild slightly tart and firm - good for all cooking needs
 Fuji       11-1 firm and sweet, keeps well - great to eat
 Breaburn 11-1 sweet tart - great to eat
 Granny Smith
hard and tart - good for pies
The Honeycrisp has become our customer favorite. We start to pick in mid-September and then we pick it three more times as the fruit ripens.

There is usually a limited supply of Honeycrisp so stop out as soon as they are ready.  SweeTangos now available

For fall fun, come and enjoy the experience of U-Pick Apples. We also have weekend hayrides through the orchards, donuts, pies, caramel apples and cider.
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